These cute baby elephants will make your heart melt

July 17, 2019

Elephants may be big, but they are known as gentle giants. These affectionate yet intelligent creatures can be incredible. But what about their cute babies? 

A baby elephant is known as a “calf”. They are usually born at 250 pounds and they stand about three feet tall. A mother elephant will carry their baby for 18 to 22 months. What a long time to be pregnant!  Did you know that 99% of calves are born at night

Baby elephants are born with red or black curly hair on their body which reduces over time as they get older. These small hairs are used to help cool down their bodies. Elephant calves can’t see well when they are first born, but they can recognize their mothers by using their senses to help them out. Elephant calves are born into a matriarchal herd, meaning they are surrounded by their mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and other female relatives. They grow up in a very nurturing and caring environment. Mother elephants are known to be very protective over their dependable baby, as they will stop at nothing to make sure their baby is protected from harm.

The calves will drink around three gallons of milk a day from their mother. Around four months old, calves will begin to eat plants, but they still depend on their mother for milk. Some calves will even drink their mother’s milk for up to 10 years. Talk about a long time! 

At first, calves have trouble using their trunks. They have to learn like any other animal. They will usually throw their trunk around and they might even accidentally step on it, ow! Some calves will suck on their trunk like a human baby sucks on their thumb. Once the calf is around six to eight months old, he or she will have much more control over their trunk. They will start using their trunk to bathe, eat, drink and to grasp items like adult elephants do. 

Once this cute baby elephant grows up into an adult elephant, they are ready to be on their own. Males will leave their family and herd by age 12 to 14, while female elephants will stay with their family for life.

Check out these pictures of some cute baby elephant calves that will just melt your heart!

baby elephant calf foraging in bushes baby elephant calf nuzzling underneath mother elephant as part of herd baby elephant calf hovering near water hole with two other older elephants from herd Older elephant cutely resting trunk on top of smaller baby elephant calf very small and young baby elephant calf covered in mud following the rest of its herd who are also covered in mud baby elephant calf walking along dirt road with two other members of its herd cute baby elephant nuzzling older elephant baby elephant calf eating grass with mother in zoo cute baby elephant calf playing in snad baby elephant calf in enclosure eating near some decorative rocks

baby elephant calf enjoying a cooling water spray from a hose in an enclosure cute young elephant raising its trunk trumpeting cute baby elephant calf near a river throwing dirt onto its back with trunk cute baby elephant rubbing its belly against a rock cute baby elephant calf walking cute baby elephant calf and its parent cute baby elephant calf and its mother travelling in the wild cute baby elephant calf amongst the grass

parent elephant eating some shrubbery with its baby following closely nearby baby elephant calf travelling with its herd with its large ears flared. a heard of elephants with with 7 adults and two younger calves baby elephant calf amongst herd

baby elephant playfully running two baby elephants following parent cute baby elephant calf running playfully cutest baby elephant trumpeting

baby elephant and adult elephant trumpeting in unison cute baby elephant half covered in water after bathing and surrounded by white birds

adventurous baby elephant attempting to enter shallow water with the aid of mother elpehant behind cute and playful baby elephant calf attempting to jump off of rock

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